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Parents and children:commnuication is important! décembre 22, 2008

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Generation gap: the most difficult subject when we talk about parents and children. When we discuss about it, the first and the biggest solution found is always the communication between parents and children. Why to communicate? How? When?… Many questions can be asked on it!

Why to communicate? Do you know that because of the communication’ insufficiency at home, many bad and unbelievable situations have been identified this year? we’ll give two examples of them on this article, then we’ll try to define why parents and children need to communicate?

One situation happened in a big school of Antananarivo. A boy, 12 years, hadn’t finished his homework, so his teacher asked him his parents to come to his school. But he told nothing to his parents. After asking him four days succesives, the teacher called the parents by phone and asked them directly to come to the shool. The day after, the parents came, at the break hour in the morning. As soon as the boy saw them coming, he bounded from the 2nd floor of his school. Why? Because there was no communication between him and his parents.

The 2nd example is the famous case of the girl who killed her 2 parents and their servant, successively, in the same day, with her boyfriend. Why? Because her parents prohibited her to be with her boyfriend, and lack of communication, the end of their history was horrible and unimaginable.

These are just examples but many other cases was heard this year. But ffrom these 2 examples, we can say that the communication between parents and children is realy necessary and important on our days! When this communication doesn’t exist at home, the parents cannot imagine what their children need, and it’s the same case for the children. And all problems which can happened between them will be because of that. Finally, the confidence between parents and children is really important, and for that, the communication is necessary too!

For finishing this article, I think that the best gift we can have for christmas is a better relationship and communication between us and our parents or our family.


2 Responses to “Parents and children:commnuication is important!”

  1. ariniaina Says:

    Wacth out guyz.

    I’ve recently lost my mother. I’m glad I didn’t argue with her. I’m glad I said I loved her. I’m glad I kissed her before I left home that day.

    I know about generation gap guyz. But I tell you, better avoid being angry with our parents, even with people we love. We may regret it.

  2. mitia Says:

    OUI, c très important; en tant que jeune maman malagasy, je conseille fortement aux futures mamans de PARLER A LEURS ENFANTS et ce, dès le + jeune âge; it helps a lot
    as ariniaina said « watch out » communication is the key.
    There in fact 2 things I regret in my life: not told her important things that happened in my life when i was young, not to say her I loved her so I envy ariniaina as she did all that because my mum had passed away
    Better late than never.
    I have cousins in Tamatave who don’t even speak to their children and I was kinda hallucinating, I was always behind them to tell « why did not you talk to Ur child, it’s yours, you are his example, tell him what and what not to do »
    So please don’t forget communication between parents and children is really necessary

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