Pati et toi!

on ne vit qu’une fois

pati’s trip in Brussels octobre 4, 2008

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4 Responses to “pati’s trip in Brussels”

  1. lova Says:

    Mafinaritra be fa misotra e.
    Rehefa misy fotona malalaka Pati dia mba hazo atao ve no mi-uploader an’ilay powerpoint ?
    (For translation etc..)

  2. David Sasaki Says:

    Pati pois!! It’s going to take me all night to download the movie, but I’ll watch it first thing tomorrow morning. I hope you guys had fun today!

  3. Romi Says:

    Hi Pati 🙂

    From the video it looks like you had a great time presenting (and wonderful reception from the crowd) but is there any chance to get subtitles or a translation? 🙂

  4. rambelosonrondro Says:

    Salut Patti !
    tes photos concernant le barcamp et la façon dont t’a presenté de ton voyage à Bruxelle etait génial lors du barcamp, merci

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