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Abortion… What do you think about it? août 29, 2008

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In spite of its prohibition and many ways existent for avoiding it, abortion always exists, most of the time in total discretion. Why to abort? Is there any other solution aside it?

Abortion means murder and to abort means to kill someone, can’t we disagree with it? BUT if we meet a difficult situation, if we have no solution aside it, will we still call it a murder?

This topic was ever a difficult one, everyone has his own idea and when the situation touches ourselfs, it’s totaly different than we think about it.

To be pregnant is not always a choice, it can happen accidentally, especially for adolescents. The problem is there, an young girl hasn’t yet finished her studies, she still lives with her parents and one day, she discovered that she was pregnant, what to do?

To abort is not a good solution, but in our example (a one of my friend’s history), to keep the baby isn’t too. The same question again: what to do? It’s not easy to take a decision when it’s our situation, but when it’s someone’s one, it’s easy to blame her!

Many situations can result in abortion but whatever it is, as I think, abortion always means murder! It’s just a choice, but before this final choice, we could have many others, why to wait for the final and only one? But if it’s really necessary, be careful on the differents way for doing it, most of them are dangereous and the law prohibits it. On top of that, don’t forget all its damages.

Hey, life is not a game, take care of your self and choose the best way! Avoiding is always better than regretting!


11 Responses to “Abortion… What do you think about it?”

  1. simp Says:

    tell me,
    r u pregnant?

  2. patiettoi Says:

    what? no and no , u can trust in me! But it’s one of my best friends who was pregnant few times ago, she told me many things about it and that’s why I wrote this article, but me NO!!

  3. simp Says:

    I’m glad you are aware that prevention is better than cure cos with 3 NOs in a single sentence, we don’t want to change our mind very soon, do we? 😛

  4. jogany Says:

    See…readers are pretty fast to judge! This topic is very tough to handle and from your intense commenting I see you are ready for the big fight .
    and your blogging, wow , I am really impressed ,keep up the great work.

  5. simp Says:

    what? no and no, she can trust in me! 😛
    I wasn’t judging 🙂

    I only assumed, that is why I asked to get confirmation 🙂 well, we can’t see the difference really but if I was judging I would have said: girl, are u knocked up? instead I said « are u pregnant? » it shows my good intention, u know, pregnancy is a blessing 😉
    but I’m glad u said readers cos I feel like u judged what I’ve done too, so we’re even :b:b:b

    Sure this topic is tough. Usually, this is the kind of topic where women likes to blame men for all the miseries in their lives and to say that it’s their bodies and they can do whatever they want, baby or not inside. But for once, Pati made it clear, abortion means murder no matter how unfair and unfortunate u got pregnant. Yeah, u’re the girl, keep it up.

  6. heroma Says:

    I hope that U’ll never have to do this

  7. sipakv Says:

    abortion is a tough subject and should be left personal. women who have recourse to abortion do not do it gaily but almost always as a last solution. difficult to judge until one walks in those shoes. i have never had an abortion myself and hope that i will never have to even consider it, but i have seen the misery of friends who had to have it.

  8. sipakv Says:

    i love your posts by the way !

  9. karenichia Says:

    apart from rape(when you are forced whereas you don’t want to), i think pregnancy shoul never be considered as an accident. Ought to think before doing anything

  10. naeli Says:

    Hey there dats right a life is precious! i’m sorry for those girls who do this!

  11. Its wonderful as your other articles : D, thanks for putting up. « A gift in season is a double favor to the needy. » by Publilius Syrus.

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