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Abortion… What do you think about it? août 29, 2008

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In spite of its prohibition and many ways existent for avoiding it, abortion always exists, most of the time in total discretion. Why to abort? Is there any other solution aside it?

Abortion means murder and to abort means to kill someone, can’t we disagree with it? BUT if we meet a difficult situation, if we have no solution aside it, will we still call it a murder?

This topic was ever a difficult one, everyone has his own idea and when the situation touches ourselfs, it’s totaly different than we think about it.

To be pregnant is not always a choice, it can happen accidentally, especially for adolescents. The problem is there, an young girl hasn’t yet finished her studies, she still lives with her parents and one day, she discovered that she was pregnant, what to do?

To abort is not a good solution, but in our example (a one of my friend’s history), to keep the baby isn’t too. The same question again: what to do? It’s not easy to take a decision when it’s our situation, but when it’s someone’s one, it’s easy to blame her!

Many situations can result in abortion but whatever it is, as I think, abortion always means murder! It’s just a choice, but before this final choice, we could have many others, why to wait for the final and only one? But if it’s really necessary, be careful on the differents way for doing it, most of them are dangereous and the law prohibits it. On top of that, don’t forget all its damages.

Hey, life is not a game, take care of your self and choose the best way! Avoiding is always better than regretting!


Condoms for adolescents

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« No sex before the marriage »: this rule still to be respected by some young persons, but the most of them can’t follow it! So, if we really can’t avoid sex before getting married, what to do?

Nowadays, many ways exist for avoiding precocious pregnancy or undesirable one. They are especially used by married women or women who already have children. They are pills, injections, IUD and many other contraceptions. Among all these ways, condoms stay to be in common use for adolescents: they are not expensives and easy to use too. On top of that, condoms have a double functions. Not only they are used for avoiding pregnancy, but also for protecting our self form STD. If we use them, we cannot catch STD by having sex with someone infected.

But in spite of their advantages, condoms present a big incovenient for adolescents. Their advertising and their cheaper price encourage young people to have sexual activity easily.

Even if condoms present inconvenients, it’s better to use it than the opposite..Just be conscious in everything we do!