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Youth unemployed août 22, 2008

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The unemployement is a big problem in Madagascar, especially for the youth. Many reasons can cause it. One of them are the jobs insufficiency in our country. The majority of posts are occuped in advanced and if you don’t know someone who works in where you want to work,there is no place for you. That’s why even if you have finished your studies,it’s hard for you to find a job correspondig to your degree.

One of unemployement’s reason in Madagascar is the employers requirements too. Some of them demend previous experiences. Because of this type of requirement, young persons who have just finished their studies can’t directly have a job and become unemployed persons.

The unemployement was ever a problem for Madagascar since many years. In spite of this fact, no important and suffisant solution hasn’t yet found till now!


4 Responses to “Youth unemployed”

  1. saveoursmile Says:

    might be a step toward to solve this job unemployment: help job seekers to better formulate their proposal. Whether it is for their CVs, or for the interview. Most of malagasy job seekers write their CVs that only « highlights » their educational cursus, hoping that their interviewer will know what’s the core competencies they have acquired for their DTS on XXX (you know all thos diploma acronyms that do not necessarily mean a thing for people that do not know the content of the cursus)

  2. joan Says:

    You rule!!!
    School is great
    getting a degree is awesome
    but Experience FIRST!
    you can’t go very far without work experience. Malagasy employers must value these lines more than the mention of a DEUG or else.

  3. kbw Says:

    good to read your analysis of the tough situation for youth! two other ideas:

    (1) relevant work-experience can also be gained through volunteer or club activities where you show practical activities such as you can work with people or independently, organize and run activities, operate computers, write clearly, and do finances and fund-raising. FOKO-bloggers would be a good example of this!

    (2) donors, organizations, and businesses could also focus on creative job generation so that more work is generated to address the un- and under-employment problem.

    good luck and keep on writing!

  4. simp Says:

    In some countries, they have some kind of graduate recruitment programmes whereby companies display their employment offers and graduates come to check out which one suits them. That really helps graduate students and companies as well. Maybe we can put a similar approach, if we don’t have one already.
    Also, as kbw said, if you don’t have experience, you should start by applying for internships. I know they don’t pay you much, if not at all, but that is always a good start. If a position opens in that company, u’re the first one to be considered…

    Otherwise, unemployment is mainly a political economy/economic policy complicated stuff related… let us pray that things will turn out positively for the sake of the country and u know, ireo tanora solofo dimbin’ny ala 🙂

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