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Family juillet 15, 2008

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A few days before writing this article, I attended the funeral ceremony of my friend’s mother. Funerals are always sad and losing someone is always hard. It’s much more unbrearable if it happens to a member of the family.

Nowadays, different problems affect many families. What are the reasons of these problems? Life difficulties? Life evolution? Generation gap? anything else?

It’s normal if we are fed up with our everyday life: at home, with our family. Whe can be sick of all problems we have with them and sometimes, we want to discover another life! But don’t forget, members of our family remain our best friends in our life. These persons are often like the health, we cannot really feel its value before losing it!

Responsible or not, our family, especially our parents, are the first persons who can help us and whom we can rely on! And even if their bodies aren’t present, their souls continue to be with us!

So, if you still have your family near you, it’s not so late to create a better relation between you and to do your best together. It depnds not on fortunes and moneys, it consists in trying to avoid problems at home and to have more and better communication.

Whatever is the relation that we have with our family,especially with our parents, we always miss them when they leave us.


3 Responses to “Family”

  1. heroma Says:

    U are right!!
    The word can leave U but remember that your family (especially parents) will always be near U, even if during the hardest moments!!

  2. jogany Says:

    sweetie you know the most important in life is family and friendship and of course believing in yourself. You have an amazing spirit ! keep it up!

  3. Tahina Says:

    The family is the core and there’s no better place than home 🙂

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